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Founded in 2015, No Sympathy Swim is a swimwear brand created to empower females in and out of the water. Our mission is to design sustainable swimwear and inspire fashionistas around the world to support environmentally conscious brands. Our luxurious fabric is recovered from abandoned fishing nets and plastics that pollute our seas. No Sympathy Swim plans to spread environmental awareness around the world through our hand drawn illustrations, volunteer work, and donations to oceanic research programs.
With salt in our hair and revolution on our lips, we strive for stylish aquatic function. Our designs are dedicated to women surfers, rock stars, and entrepreneurs on the rise. Whether you are surfing waves or rocking on summer tour, No Sympathy Swim has the perfect suit for you. Join us on our search for tasty waves and unrealistic dreams. 
Show no sympathy now, Show no sympathy ever. 


Gabrielle Walters is an ocean enthusiast on a mission to educate the world about environmental issues. She graduated at age 21 with a degree in Coastal Environmental Science.  Needing something supportive to surf in, Gabrielle sewed swimsuits with a sewing machine passed down from her great-grandmother. She began experimenting with designs and became a trendsetter in the swimwear industry. Incorporating her passion for environmental science and fashion design, she has designed a swimwear line made entirely of abandoned fish nets and plastics found in the sea.  



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